Tesla S: 2013 Automobile of the Year.

Reprinted from Tesla Newsletter, November 2012.

Red Tesla Model S


“It’s the performance that won us over,” says AUTOMOBILE Magazine, as they determined who would hold the title of 2013 Automobile of the Year. “All that speed, along with powerful braking, super flat handling, and sharp steering, gives you the sense that you’re invincible,” AUTOMOBILE reported. Editors also raved about the impressive body control and vacuum-like grip as Model S took corners and were impressed with the suspension’s ability to soak up bumps that tortured other test cars. “The electric motor does not define this car…but it is, at the end of the day, what makes this very good sport sedan an absolute game changer,” AUTOMOBILE stated. “It has managed to blend the innovation of a Silicon Valley start-up, the execution of a world-class automaker, and, yes, the chutzpah of its visionary leader.” We’re immensely proud of this award and are thrilled to share this exciting news with you!