Under $15,000 EV?!?!?!?

iPhone contract manufacturer Foxconn invests $811 million in EV factory

Foxconn (Savoten)

The rumors have been flying since the Foxconn Technology Group’s June announcement that it plans to build an EV with a price tag of less than $15,000. The Taiwanese company builds iPhones for Apple and the touchscreen for the Tesla Model S.

Recently Foxconn revealed that it plans to invest at least 5 billion yuan ($811 million) to develop EV manufacturing in China’s Shanxi province, where it already has two factories.

Iphone TeslaNo further details are on offer at the moment, but the company already assembles battery packs for the BAIC E150 EV, a Chinese EV with a 25.6 kWh pack and a 90-mile that starts at around $20,300.


Source:   Charged EV’s