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Woodstock Takes the Lead in Sustainability

The City of Woodstock, the largest city in Cherokee County, is proud to announce it has become the first municipality in the State of Georgia to install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE). Inspired by a local business that installed an EVSE for the benefit of their employees, Woodstock studied the forthcoming demand for charging stations based on the proliferation of electric vehicles that would be hitting the market in the next 12 months.

As part of the ongoing revitalization and renovation of downtown Woodstock, the city decided to install the charging station as a benefit to the residents and visitors. Only one charging station is being installed at this time, but the design and construction allow for the program to be expanded in the future, as demand dictates.

“We are proud to be the first Municipality in the State to have this service made available to its residents.” said Donnie Henriques, Mayor, “Woodstock, sometimes known as Greenstock, will continue to lead the pack in innovative ways to go-green.”

Metro Plug-In, Inc., headquartered in Woodstock, was in charge of the installation of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station, manufactured by Clipper Creek in Auburn, CA. Greg Crittenden, the owner of Metro Plug-In, believes “Electric Vehicles will play a major role in America’s future – providing cleaner air, lowering the cost of transportation, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

The City of Woodstock started the ‘Partnership for a Sustainable Woodstock’ in 2009 through the Planning, Design and Sustainability division of the Community Development Department.

Funded in part through a grant received in 2010 from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA), the program has completed the installation of solar panels and energy-efficient systems at the newly opened Chambers at City Center, provided discounts to local builders on permit fees who build energy efficient houses and will convert lighting in the Park and Amphitheatre at City Center to energy efficient LED lighting.

The charging station is provided at no charge to the public and is located adjacent to the historic Woodstock train depot, future home to Freight Kitchen and Tap at 251 East Main Street.

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Brian Stockton, City Planner
City of Woodstock

Find an EV Charging Station

The US Department of Energy maintains a great web resource for electric vehicle owners seeking charging stations near their homes and offices – click here to search for locations of alternative vehicle power near you.

Kirk-Rudy Ribbon Cutting – May 25th, 11am

Woodstock, GA. May, 2011 – At 11:00 a.m., May 25, 2011, Kirk-Rudy, a paper machinery manufacturer established in 1967, and a major employer in Cherokee County, will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its solar parking canopy with an attached Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station. This is the first solar canopy with EV charging station in Georgia; and the first EV charging station in Cherokee County.

Construction as of April 26th

Kirk-Rudy, a community leader in energy sustainability and recycling, had the solar array installed primarily to offset the company’s electricity consumption. Rick Marshall, President of Kirk-Rudy, expects the solar panels to offset the company’s electric usage by 30 percent. The solar array will also provide electricity for the charging station as well, thereby providing 100% “green”, renewable energy for the vehicle. Only one charging station is being installed at this time, but the design and construction allow for a second or third charging station to be easily installed in the future as demand dictates.

Creative Solar USA, Inc., headquartered in Woodstock, Georgia, designed, engineered, and installed the 100 kW solar canopy. Creative Solar USA has been designing and installing solar photo voltaic systems since 2008. In addition to reducing the long-term cost of electricity and providing beneficial shade for parked cars, Russell Seifert, the CEO of Creative Solar, for years has believed in the concept of solar parking canopies with EV Charging Stations and that they are a natural step in our nation’s quest for energy sustainability.

“We are honored and proud to work with Kirk-Rudy on such a monumental project,” said Mr. Seifert. “All of our labor and subcontracting was sourced locally and 85% of our materials were bought from Georgia based companies. Solar power not only helps our country with energy independence on a global scale, but is also a benefit to our local economic community.”

The charging station is made by ClipperCreek, Inc. and manufactured in Auburn, CA. Metro Plug-In, also of Woodstock, provided the charging station for the project. Creative Solar USA and Metro Plug-In find their two products to be a natural fit and both companies look forward to more joint endeavors.

The actual ribbon cutting will take place at 11:30 a.m., May 25th, at Kirk-Rudy’s office located at 125 Lorraine Parkway (near the intersection of Rope Mill Road & Ridgewalk Parkway) in Woodstock, GA to be followed by a BBQ luncheon.

Woodstock Business Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Employee Use

Tucked away off the entrance road to Olde Rope Mill Park in Woodstock is one of Cherokee County’s largest industrial employers, Kirk-Rudy, which is investing its resources into a solar-paneled carport and electric car charging station.

The renewable technology is expected to supply all electricity needs for the 100,000-square-foot building that houses 95 employees.

“It’s definitely a feel-good project for us,” Marshall said.

The $500,000 project is expected to be completed by late March or early April. Marshall said the idea came after the company was exploring other cost-cutting measures. He said he attended a Georgia Power conference last spring, but at the time wasn’t sold on the idea of using renewable energy.

“But I dove a little deeper into it and realized that there are lots of credits and grants out there and started running the numbers and it made more sense,” he said. “So, we contacted some suppliers of these panels and got quotes and now we’re off and running.”

Russell Seifert, owner and CEO of Woodstock-based Creative Solar USA, is responsible for the solar car canopy, which runs on a 100-kilowatt system comprised of 432 panels.

Marshall said the canopy, which will have 50 parking spaces, works better than rooftop panels because installing them on a roof would require penetrating the surface and opening it up to leakage issues, and panels need to be cleaned periodically, which would be easier to do with them located closer to the

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