What is the difference in charging time between a Level 1 EVSE and a Level 2 EVSE?

A Level 2 charging station can reduce the charge time for a Nissan Leaf from 25 hours down to 7.3 hours.  Charge time for a Chevrolet Volt can go from 11 hours to 3.2 hours (see table below).

Charging Level 2013 Chevy Volt 2013 Nissan Leaf 6.6kw
Level 1 charging time 120 V/8 A = 11 hours1 120 V/8 A = 20-25 hours1
120 V/12 A = 7.3 hours2 120 V/12 A = 12-16.6 hours2
Level 2 charging time 240 V/20 A = 3.2 hours!3 240 V/32 A = 3.3-3.5 hours!3

1 Electricians recommend charging at no more than 8 amps unless on a dedicated circuit.
2 The National Electrical Code (NEC) limits continuous charging to a maximum of 12 amps on a 15 amp circuit.
3 Charging time is based on the maximum capability of the on-board charger of the vehicle.

All charging times differ based on external temperature and battery temperature management.

Range – The Chevy Volt has a 40 mile battery-only range. The Nissan Leaf has a 100 mile range.