Find an EV Charging Station

The two most important resources for any EV driver….

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      ChargePoint                  and                      PlugShare



These two resources are both great and for different reason.  Being hands down the largest networked EVSE supplier out there, ChargePoint is a great tool for locating one of their stations and getting the real-time status of the charger so you know if it will be open or occupied when you arrive.

PlugShare is a crowd sourcing site that uses the community of EV drivers to assist in locating and pinpointing stations.  This is a very comprehensive tool that gives you a great idea of what is available in various areas, even home chargers that users wish to make available.

Both of these have mobile apps available and we HIGHLY recommend downloading them if you haven’t already.  They are available for free in both the App Store and Google Play.

ChargePoint App